WISE ASS Coffee Cup Enamelware Coffee Cup, 15 oz


WISE ASS Coffee Cup Enamelware Coffee Cup, 15 oz


Boast about your 'wise ass' nature with this Periodic Table-inspired coffee cup.

  • 15oz. ceramic C-handle mug
  • Dishwasher & microwave safe

What makes up a WISE ASS?
★ W. Tungsten is extremely hard to melt, so when large pieces are needed it is often sintered into solid form from loose powder. The biggest application by far is tungsten wire for incandescent light bulbs.
★ I. Iodine sublimates into a beautiful violet vapor when heated. Iodine and iodine solutions were used as disinfectants before better antiseptic agents were found.
★ Se. Selenium occurs in (fairly) pure form in nature. It is used in many light-sensing applications: photocopiers, automatic light switches and light meters.
★ As. Arsenic was the poison of choice until its detection became easy. Combined with gallium it forms a semiconductor used in creating high-speed integrated circuits for supercomputers and cell phones.
★ S. Sulfur is one of the few elements found pure in nature. Also called brimstone, it oxidizes and is responsible for the characteristic smell of many volcanoes.


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