I NAP PERIODICALLY Enamelware Coffee Cup, 15 oz


I NAP PERIODICALLY Enamelware Coffee Cup, 15 oz


Sara Mednick, PhD, a psychologist/sleep researcher at the University of California, Riverside, states, "While caffeine enhances alertness and attention, naps boost those abilities in addition to enhancing some forms of memory consolidation". So, why not have it all? Take a nap, periodically, but don't forget your coffee.

  • 15oz. ceramic C-handle mug
  • Dishwasher & microwave safe

What makes you NAP?
★ I. Iodine
sublimates into a beautiful violet vapor when heated. Iodine and iodine solutions were used as disinfectants before better antiseptic agents were found.
★ Na. Sodium is the sixth most abundant element in The Earth’s crust, and the second most abundant element dissolved in seawater.
★ P. Phosphorus is a poisonous, combustible nonmetal that exists in two common allotropic forms, white phosphorus, a yellowish waxy solid that ignites spontaneously in air and glows in the dark, and red phosphorus, a less reactive form used in making matches.

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