BABY GENIUS Baby Bodysuit (Turquoise)


BABY GENIUS Baby Bodysuit (Turquoise)


Tell the world how smart your baby is with this Periodically Inspired BABY GENIUS onesie- inspired by Dmitri Mendeleev, creator of the Periodic Table of Elements!

  • Color: Turquoise

  • 100% ring spun cotton

  • 3-snap bottom closure

What makes up a BABY GENIUS?
Ba. Barium has few industrial applications, but the metal has been historically used to scavenge air in vacuum tubes. Barium compounds impart a green color to flames and have been used in fireworks.
B. Boron is found in the common mineral borax, but is rarely seen in pure form. While extremely hard, boron is too brittle in pure form to have any practical applications.
Y. Yttrium is rarely seen in pure form and has no applications as a metal. Yttrium-aluminum-garnet (YAG) is important in lasers and yttrium is also used in the phosphors of color cathode ray tube television sets.
Ge. Germanium is sold commercially in ingot bars that have an internal crystal structure, and is used in light emitting diodes and semiconductors.
Ni. Nickel's main form is pure nickel which is sold commercially. A typical use is in electroplating baths, where they are slowly dissolved and redeposited on products. Nickels (five-cent) coins are made of 75% copper. Only 25% is nickel, which makes the name a bit misleading.
★ U. Uranium is used in armor-piercing ammunition and counterweights. Only 20% less radioactive than natural uranium, it creates deadly hazards when used in anger.
★ S. Sulfur is one of the few elements found pure in nature. Also called brimstone, it oxidizes and is responsible for the characteristic smell of many volcanoes.

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